2004-2005  Advanced Studies Program "Design, Art and Innovation", HGK, Basel,  
1999             BFA in sculpture, California College of the Arts (CCA), Oakland, CA, 
1993-1995  Apprentice to stone sculptor Petros Delatolas, Tinos Greece
1991-1993  Studies of sculpture, Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences,
                      Alfter, Germany


2012              Instructor of a stone carving workshop, Alle School of Fine Arts and    
                       Design, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
2012              Nuethen Restoration, Bad Lippspringe, Germany
2011-2012   Restoration of 12th century stone windows with Martin Gabrowski,    
                       Koblenz, Germany
2011              Chihuahua-Sculpture for the motion picture "Jesus loves me" by 
                       Florian David Fitz
                       Mao sculpture for the motion picture "In den besten Jahren" by Hartmut Schoenen 
2010              Wall-sculptures for the motion picture "Hotel Lux" by Leander 
2007-2009   Instruktor Jugendkunstschule Rodenkirchen, Cologne, Germany                    
2007              Instructor for stone sculpture, Jugendhilfe Köln, Germany
2005-2006   Instructor of sculpture workshops, Germany
2003-2005   Architectural carvings for various buildings, Tinos Greece
2002-2003   Personal sculpture teacher, Oakland California, USA
2002              Restoration of the "Dunsmuir Bench", Oakland, CA, USA
2001-2003   Stone restoration for Garden Court Antiques, San Francisco, CA, USA
2000-2001   Moldmaker, Artworks Fondry, Berkeley, CA, USA           
1999-2000   Assistant to the glass artist Jay Musler, Berkeley, CA, USA 
19971999    Assistant to the sculptor Susan Plum, Berkeley, CA, USA