The slowness of my work process is both a rebellion against the speed requirements of my environment as well as a meditative technique. I explore movements, forms and geometric peculiarities of my environment. I am particularly fascinated by waves. As an information carrier of their original impulses, something completely new arises where they meet. Their interferences are therefore an expression of communication for me. My working material is stone, which I like to work by hand. Its expression is original and the meditative character of my way of working corresponds to this originality. I understand the choice of this material not only as a link to one of the oldest cultural techniques of mankind, but also as essential for our existence, because our planet consists of it, the subsoil on which we live. Its fragility becomes visible in my work.


2004-2005  Advanced Studies Program "Design, Art and Innovation", HGK, Basel,  


1999           BFA in sculpture, California College of the Arts (CCA), Oakland, CA, 


1993-1995  Apprentice to stone sculptor Petros Delatolas, Tinos Greece

1991-1993  Studies of sculpture, Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences,

                      Alfter, Germany


2019             Galerie Smend, Köln, Deutschland

2018             Galerie Vidourle Prix, Saufe, Frankreich

2013             Galerie Vidourle Prix, Saufe, Frankreich

2007             "Übungen", Ehemalige Synagoge, Grevenbroich-

                     Hülchrath, Deutschland

2007             Kelterhaus, Bonn Bad Godesberg, Deutschland

2006             Schloß Eulenbroich, Rösrath, Deutschland

2005              Kulturgut Winkhausen, Salzkotten, Deutschland

2005             Hellhof Gallery, Kronberg im Taunus,


1999              Collaboration, Anthony Marcellini & Nico

                      Wilbrandt, South, Gallery, CCA, Oakland, USA

1999             Selections, SF Open Studio Gallery, San

                      Francisco, USA

1998             Day of the Dead, Mission Cultural Center, San

                      Francisco, USA

1998             Bizzare, Revelation Gallery, San Francisco, USA


Since 2022    Instructor "Bildhauerei aus Stein", Jugendkunstschule Rodenkirchen

2018-2022     Responsible for the Stone storage, Bildhau Kg., Cologne, Germany

2012              Instructor of a stone carving workshop, Alle School of Fine Arts and    

                      Design, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

2012              Nuethen Restoration, Bad Lippspringe, Germany

2011-2012     Restoration of 12th century stone windows with Martin Gabrowski,    

                      Koblenz, Germany

2011              Chihuahua-Sculpture for the motion picture "Jesus loves me" by 

                      Florian David Fitz
                      Mao sculpture for the motion picture "In den besten Jahren" by Hartmut Schoenen 

2010              Wall-sculptures for the motion picture "Hotel Lux" by Leander 


2007-2009     Instruktor Jugendkunstschule Rodenkirchen, Cologne, Germany                    

2007              Instructor for stone sculpture, Jugendhilfe Köln, Germany

2005-2006     Instructor of sculpture workshops, Germany

2003-2005     Architectural carvings for various buildings, Tinos Greece

2002-2003     Personal sculpture teacher, Oakland California, USA

2002              Restoration of the "Dunsmuir Bench", Oakland, CA, USA

2001-2003     Stone restoration for Garden Court Antiques, San Francisco, CA, USA         

1999-2001     Assistant to the glass artist Jay Musler, Berkeley, CA, USA 

19971999      Assistant to the sculptor Susan Plum, Berkeley, CA, USA